Helping you be the best YOU that you can be...

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In a Nutshell

Spinology is about helping you be the best YOU that you can be.

Not just improving your health potential but maximising your potential to:

     ●  Learn and study
     ●  Create new ideas
     ●  Think clearly
     ●  Feel whole
     ●  Adapt to changes  
     ●  Play (sports, hobbies etc.)
     ●  Work (earn a living)

All this is achieved through your Spinologist regularly aligning the vertebrae of your spine with a gentle and specific technique.  Read how Spinology works ...

Benefits of Spinology

●  Increased vitality – better mood, more energy & stamina, better concentration, better digestion

●  Strengthened defences

●  Improved rest

●  Improved vertebral joints

●  Stabilised posture in all activities

●  Financial – better performance of employees / employers

Being the best YOU that you can be

Spinology in one minute

A rapid-fire description of how the body works and how spinology maximises your potential...

January 1980

Spinology is born in Philadelphia

Reggie Gold founds the Spinology profession and opens the Philadelphia Spinal Tutorium (PST) in Philadelphia, USA

March 1983

Spinology arrives in Cape Town

Having graduated from PST in Philadelphia, Paul Opperman, opens his practice

October 1984

Spinology school opens in Valencia

Another PST graduate, Enrique Borredá, opens the European Spinology Tutorium (EST) in Valencia, Spain

March 2018

Steve Boyd's training

Steve starts his training with EST in Valencia, Spain

February 2020

Steve Boyd is certified

Steve graduates from EST and is certified by the Spinology World Council

March 2020

Spinology Centre opens

Steve opens Spinology Centre in Cape Town, South Africa


Why Spinal Maintenance?
Why Spinal Maintenance?

You don’t expect to give your teeth a very good clean one morning and then only brush them again in say, 3 months’ time. Your teeth are in everyday use and need regular maintenance.

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Spinology and COVID-19
Spinology and COVID-19

Regular checks with your spinologist keep the nervous system free from interference and results in optimal function and performance of your entire body, including your immune system.

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Don’t Wait For Symptoms
Don’t Wait For Symptoms

Health and well-being are not about how you feel. If you feel fine that doesn’t mean that you are in good health. Symptoms are often subjective - which means that they may go on unnoticed.

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Happy Clients

Darren D.

I've always had issues with my sleep, as well as my neck and back as a result of lifting weights regularly.

Within 3 weeks of being worked on, I not only had instant relief in my back and neck each session, but I was also falling asleep faster at night which in turn resulted in more energy throughout the day.

The experience itself can be daunting at first, but Steve is very professional and methodical in his approach which helps relax the body. I like it that the sessions are quick and pain free.

Charles B-H.

My teenage child used to complain of constant back pain. I have scoliosis and used to get severe intermittent back pain. Within 2 months of starting a once per week session with Steve we both noticed that our back pain had disappeared and we have been pain free for almost 2 years now.

We use the annual family membership and have found the cost of treatment to be excellent value for money.

I highly recommend the quick, no fuss treatment and suggest you first try a 3 month contract.

Jo B.

My regular visits to Steve have definitely improved my mobility, painful joints and sense of well-being. Previous ongoing hip pain has subsided and upper back stiffness has eased.

I always feel lighter and in a sense, happier, after my adjustment.
Steve is  friendly, thorough and professional.

I highly recommend him and his program of regular spine checks and adjustments.

Kurt D.

Having suffered from back pain for most of my life, I was rather interested to see what positive impact Spinology could have. I attended the practice twice a week and very quickly noticed an improvement in my back pain.

The process Is extremely relaxing and allows for a moment of tranquility amongst our sometimes chaotic lives. Steve is highly knowledgeable and treats every client with care. He takes pride in his work and it shows. I would highly recommend giving it a go.

Spinology Centre

79 Main Road, Plumstead
Cape Town, 7800, South Africa

Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm