Ongoing Memberships

This is for ongoing Spinology services after the initial orientation appointment. 

Ongoing Spinology services are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays (no appointment required) - practice members can have their spines checked on both days but once a week is the preferred minimum. 

2 membership plans are available:

    • 3-Month
    • 12-Month

There are also 2 types:

    • Individual
    • Family (2 adult partners; plus children under 18) 
3-Month  12-Month 12-Month Saving
Individual R1 660 R5 650 R990
Family R2 500 R7 440 R2 560


Please Note:

  • Before purchasing your first ongoing membership (below), you need to have attended your initial orientation appointment.
  • Your initial orientation fee is discounted against your first ongoing membership fee.  After your initial orientation appointment, we will provide you with a discount voucher code - please use this when checking out.

    3-Month Membership
    3-Month Membership

    3-Month Membership

    From R1,660.00

    12-Month Membership
    12-Month Membership

    12-Month Membership

    From R5,650.00