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Back in 1987, Steve Boyd was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident.  

After a few days in intensive care, he spent 3 weeks in hospital with cracked ribs, bruised lungs and a compression fracture of the T12 vertebra.  

Fortunately, the ribs and lungs healed fully but while the bone itself healed, the impact of the 50% anterior compression of the T12 vertebra resulted in reduced mobility and persistent discomfort & pain. 

In Steve’s attempt to manage his new reality, he explored various body maintenance regimens which in 2008 led him to Paul Opperman, ‘the blind Spinologist’.  Steve found that with regular spine checks by Paul, he was able to move and sleep better with less discomfort and pain. In fact, his whole body felt like it was working better.

After a successful career in the ICT industry, Steve had the opportunity to take a sabbatical and with the dream of helping others in mind, decided to study Spinology.  Paul, now a friend of Steve’s, advised Steve to study at the European Spinology Tutorium in Valencia, Spain.  

Steve qualified as a Certified Spinologist in February 2020 and opened Spinology Centre in March 2020.

Steve Boyd, Spinologist

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