About Spinology

How Spinology Works

In our world, good clear communication creates harmony – in our communities; in our families; in our relationships.

Similarly, in our bodies, harmony is created through chemical balance produced by the organs and glands controlled by the body’s communication system, the central nervous system.

The central nervous system comprises the brain and spinal cord and is interfered with by slightly misaligned vertebrae in the spine (spinal occlusions**) which occur during everyday life. The result is chemical imbalance and sub-optimal body function and performance – in all areas of our lives.

Spinology is about regularly maintaining the alignment of your spine to assist the body to remove the interference and re-establish clear communication between the brain and the rest of the body, so that harmonious chemical balance is restored ensuring optimal function and performance of the entire body.

When your body is in harmony, you can also be in harmony with those around you.

You can be the best you that you can be. Within yourself. Within your family. With your friends. At work. In all areas of your life.


Principles of Spinology

●  Nature knows best; your body runs itself
●  Your body runs best when free from interference on the nervous system
●  Ongoing regular maintenance of the spine reduces this interference
●  Don't wait for symptoms to appear; start Spinology care today
●  Affordable fees for the whole family


Benefits of Spinology

●  Increased vitality – better mood, more energy & stamina, better concentration, better digestion
●  Strengthened defences
●  Improved rest
●  Improved vertebral joints
●  Stabilised posture in all activities
●  Financial – better performance of employees / employers

Being the best YOU that you can be

History of Spinology

The original philosophy of chiropractic (referred to as ‘straight’ chiropractic) had nothing to do with diseases and stated that every form of human function and performance is negatively impacted by spinal occlusions**; remove the spinal occlusions** and the human body can again operate at its optimum function and performance.

Over the years from when the profession of chiropractic was founded by David Daniel Palmer in 1895 in the USA, it has been mostly changed by the longer-standing medical profession to debunk, define and control the practice of chiropractic. This meant that original chiropractic veered away from its original pure form as it was ‘mixed’ with other medical treatments; tools and principles.

These influences also found their way into the chiropractic schools / colleges where much medical education was introduced as part of the chiropractic qualifications offered by the schools to enable the diagnosis of diseases and treatment of symptoms, mostly to do with the spine.

Reggie Gold, himself a chiropractor who graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic (then called Palmer School of Chiropractic) in 1957, was always true to the philosophy of straight chiropractic in his many years of practice and teaching. He, in fact, also qualified with a degree in chiropractic philosophy from Palmer and delivered many lectures on straight chiropractic philosophy to both chiropractic students and lay people.

In late 1979, Reggie Gold founded a new profession called Spinology in order to differentiate it from chiropractic which he felt had got muddled with the influences of the medical profession.

Spinology has essentially been taught in 3 locations around the world. Reggie opened the Philadelphia Spinal Tutorium (PST) in Philadelphia, USA and the first Spinology classes were offered in 1980. One PST graduate, Enrique Borredá, opened the European Spinology Tutorium (EST) in 1985 in Valencia, Spain. In 2009, an extension of EST was opened in Dublin, Ireland - and now more recently in Wales, United Kingdom in 2022.

In 2003, at one of the Spinology Conventions, Reggie Gold handed over the Spinology torch to Enrique Borredá who to this day is still the presiding President of the Spinology World Council which is responsible for the development of professional guidelines as well as the maintenance of the International Register of Spinologists.

  • Spinology is essentially aligned to straight chiropractic in terms of the original philosophy that the entire body just works better without spinal occlusions**.
  • Spinologists are trained in this philosophy with enough anatomy to know how the human body works and apply a specific and gentle technique to safely assist the body to correct spinal occlusions**.


**Spinal occlusion: a scenario where a spinal vertebra has lost its ideal positioning and natural capability for movement which causes interference with the normal transmission of nerve impulses between the brain and the rest of the body (and vice versa).

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