Don’t Wait For Symptoms

Don’t Wait For Symptoms

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" - World Health Organisation.

However, the way the world typically thinks is, if you feel ok, then there’s nothing wrong with you – you are in good health.

This is not the case.

When you notice something is wrong, or by the time you have symptoms, the illness, condition or disease is typically quite advanced.

Symptoms are the last stage of illness and disease – the underlying problem has typically been there for some time.

Health and well-being are not about how you feel. If you feel fine that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in good health.


Symptoms are often subjective - which means that they may go on unnoticed.


On the other hand, sometimes people ignore the signs. We have all heard of that someone who was seemingly in ‘good health’ (fit, ate well, no sick days,etc), but who died suddenly and unexpectedly. They didn’t go from perfect health to perfect death. Usually there was a sign or a symptom that was unnoticed or ignored month after month, year after year.

Most people only take action to seek help when they experience discomfort or pain. They react if and when they notice something’s wrong.

On the other hand, Spinology is about taking proactive action to ensure the proper functioning of the body and therefore the optimal function and performance of all human potential, not just the physical health potential. Mental potentials like energy level and focus. Social potentials like mood and stress level.

Take the proactive step today, make an appointment to see your Spinologist for an initial orientation and sign up for a 3-month or 12-month maintenance plan for you and your family.

Children have the most to gain by avoiding the typical long-term damage that occurs in adults once symptoms show up.